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Cheese 2019 – Natural is Possible from Friday September 20 to Monday September 23 Bra and Pollenzo (Cuneo Province, Italy)


Friday to Sunday from 10 am to midnight, Monday from 10 a.m. to 8:30 p.m.

Italian and international market, Slow Food Presidia, Affineur Alley, Friday to Monday from 10 a.m. to 8:30 p.m.

Great Hall of Cheese and Enoteca, Street Food, Food Trucks, Beer Square, Pizza, bread and pastry forge, Friday to Sunday from 12 p.m. to 12 a.m., Monday from 12 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.

Casa Slow Food, Friday to Sunday from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m, Monday from 10 a.m. to 8:30 p.m.


For the 12th edition of Cheese, the layout of the event will look similar to past years: free events taking place in the streets, squares, and courtyards of Bra’s historic center, where you’ll find the Cheese Market, the Biodiversity House, the Great Hall of Cheese, the Enoteca, the Dairy Chain, a step-by-step journey through the dairy-cheese supply chain and the world of animal husbandry, the area dedicated to small-scale producers and family-run companies that raise animals extensively, who work with the

raw milk of their own animals and make cheeses without selected starter cultures – the Conference space, the Pizza, bread and pastry forge, the Gelato Square, the Beer Square and the Food Trucks, the High Ground area of the Piedmont Region dedicated to mountain communities, two cinemas hosting the Cheese on the Screen program, the Taste Library, our partners’ spaces and more.


Another important section of the event will be held in Pollenzo, six kilometers from the center of Bra, where the University of Gastronomic Sciences, the Wine Bank and the Albergo dall’Agenzia are located. Beyond visiting the magnificent grounds and the University campus, this is where you’ll be able to take part in the Dinner Dates,  a sensory analysis test and the Taste Workshops dedicated to cheese and wine. Getting there is easy thanks to our dedicated shuttle service.


Entry to Cheese is free, while tickets for the Dinner Dates and Taste Workshops are on sale via the online store. The deadline for online booking is 12 p.m. on September 19, 2019. An email confirmation will be sent after booking. Bookings cannot be made by telephone. Any remaining spaces can be booked during Cheese at the Event Reception.


The area dedicated to parents with children is run by the Aldeia Association in Piazza Roma every day of the event from 10 a.m. to 8.30 p.m. There are nursing chairs, changing tables, bottle warmers and mats for babies to rest on. There’s also a free loan service for ergonomic baby carriers and slings.


People with a disabled parking permit can enter the city of Bra and use the P2 car park in Strada Montenero, adjacent to Piazza Spreitenbach.


Thanks to our collaboration with AIC Piemonte (the Italian Celiac Association) and local artisans we have a different gluten-free option on offer every day. If you want to know more, the staff of AIC Piemonte are available in the Great Hall of Cheese–Enoteca. Come and say hello!

Use public transport to get to Cheese. It’s better for the environment!


We recommend you to travel by train. The Bra rail station is only a few minutes’ walk from the event venues and, again this year, there’ll be special offers for those who choose to travel with Trenitalia.

All the participants at Cheese who show a validated ticket from Trenitalia during the days of the event, have a regional membership (weekly, monthly, or annual), or are holders of Cartafreccia or Carta Unica of Trenitalia have the right to:

a complimentary copy of Il glicomane by Moni Ovadia (available only in Italian), published by Slow Food Editore when you buy with the purchasing of any chosen book with no minimum price, and a 15% discount on new releases at the Taste Library;

a useful gadget to pick up at Casa Slow Food, via Mendicità Istruita 14 (limited stocks);

a glass of wine worth €3 for every €10 you spend at the Enoteca.


Via autostrada A6 Torino-Savona: Marene-Cherasco exit, then

follow the signs for Bra;

Via autostrada A21 Torino-Piacenza: Asti Est exit; proceeding via autostrada A33 Asti-Cuneo, direction Alba, then follow the signs for Bra.


Road access in Bra will change during the event, and the area inside the ring road will be closed to traffic between 9:30 am and 11:00 pm.

Thanks to SAC (Bus Services and Tourism), we will have a shuttle service from the city center to the main parking areas. The routes around Bra will change due to road closures. Notices will be posted on buses.

BLUE BUS (NAVETTA BLU), parking in Via Antonio Rolfo and Corso Monviso.

RED BUS  (NAVETTA ROSSA), parking at Hotel Cavalieri and Piscine di Bra (Bra swimming pool).

GREEN BUS (NAVETTA VERDE), parking in Via Nogaris – Pollenzo.

These three services run every 20 minutes, and each trip costs €1.50.


There is also a service that runs between Bra and Pollenzo. On Friday, Saturday and Monday these are local public transport services, while on Sunday (and the late evening services on the other days) are dedicated special services provided by Slow Food. The price of these trips is also €1.50, however, on the special services, if you have a copy of your ticket for a Taste Workshop or Dinner Date, your journey is free.

The routes of Bra’s buses will be changed during Cheese, because of

the total closure to traffic in the city center.


People with a disabled parking permit can enter the city of Bra and use the P2 car park in Strada Montenero, adjacent to Piazza Spreitenbach.


The security plan is provided by the Bra Municipal Authority (Comune di Bra) and Slow Food and agreed with the Provincial Committee for Public Safety. During the hours of the event the entire zone will be completely closed to traffic, even for residents, with 13 road blocks that will allow the passage of emergency vehicles if necessary.

Outside the hours of the event, the gates will be managed and regulated by barriers. Shuttles will connect the center of Bra with car parks along the main access roads, transporting visitors and citizens to the roundabout in Strada Orti, to the Church of the Cross in Via Vittorio and Via Piumati (a return ticket costs €1.50).

Consuming food or drinks in glass containers outside the specially set up areas of the event and their seating areas is prohibited. Bulky backpacks, selfie sticks, helmets and dangerous objects must not enter the area of the event where, for the protection of public safety, controls carried out by the police will be carried out.

More than 40 stewards, easily identified among the public, will help to ensure the smooth running of the event, providing assistance – if necessary – in decongestation operations. At the Municipal Police station in via Moffa di Lisio, a joint Control and Coordination Room will be in contact with the staff to oversee the event, while a public address system will allow the prompt communication of messages to the public if necessary.

The Security Plan also includes, among other things, seven fixed stations equipped with a defibrillator and medical personnel equipped on foot. The coordination center is also located at the Municipal Police station.

Joining Slow Food is worth your while!


At Cheese 2019, members will have a €5 discount on Taste Workshops and a €10 discount on Dinner Dates.

Plus, three Taste Workshops have been designed exclusively for members.

Tour de France: historic cheeses conserved by farmers, Friday September 20 at 4 p.m., Bra – Liceo Scientifico G. Giolitti-G. B. Gandino. A journey through French cheese biodiversity as protected by fermiers from Normandy to Brittany, Auvergne to Bouches-du-Rhône… SOLD OUT

Buffalo and chocolate, Saturday September 21 at 4 p.m., Bra – IPC Velso Mucci. A food pairing where we experiment with different combinations of chocolate and buffalo milk cheese. SOLD OUT

Barolo 1999 and raw milk cheese, Sunday September 22 at 1 p.m., Pollenzo – Banca del Vino. Six Barolos from 1999 paired with as many Piedmontese raw milk cheeses. SOLD OUT

If you’re not a Slow Food member and you want to attend one of these events, you can still buy a ticket – the cost for non-members includes the cost of an annual subscription to Slow Food (€25), and your membership card will be given to you here at Cheese.


And that’s not all. If you’re a Slow Food member, you also get discounts in the following:

30% discount on all the publications of Slow Food Editore

Slow Food gadgets

On tours of the Wine Bank in Pollenzo, and 10% off wines purchased;

At our locali amici (friendly restaurants) in Bra and across Italy;

At the University of Gastronomic Sciences if you have breakfast or aperitivo with the producers

A €5 discount on workshops held at Vicino DiVino


If you’re not a member of Slow Food, or you want to renew your membership at Cheese, come to Casa Slow Food in Via Mendicità Istruita, where you can get useful information on how to make the most of the event, discover unmissable activities and receive a gift from us.

If you’re already a member, please drop by Casa Slow Food – we have a gift for you too!

Join now!

Welcome to Bra!

Bra has a limited number of rooms available, so if you’re planning to stay for a few days, you should start looking as soon as possible in order to find accomodation that meets your needs.

Our official Hospitality Service is on hand to give you all the information you need on how to arrive and where to stay for Cheese 2019.

This service is offered by Booking Piemonte (  who can help you with:

travel: info on methods of transport, search and purchase of air, train and boat tickets;

accommodation: room bookings in hotels at discounted rates;

transfers: logistical planning of transfers by road, car rental, and coordination of transfers between airports, rail stations, hotels and cultural points of interest;

group management: management of data relating to participants and accompanying persons: invitations, accreditation, flights, rooming and transfer lists;

special offers: organization of tourist packages for before and after Cheese, from gastronomic and cultural tours in Bra and Piedmont and bookings for shows and other events in the city.


Booking Piemonte


tel.: 331 9879633

web: Booking Piemonte

Want to immerse yourself in Cheese and stay online to receive all the latest updates? We’ve got you covered.

BBBell, an official partner of Cheese 2019, is a leader in the broadband and wireless sector. They offer free Wi-Fi, with hotspots positioned througout the event space.



Are you a new user? Here’s what to do:

Search for the Wi-Fi network BBBELL-CHEESE19 on your device. You’ll be taken to a log-in page.

Click on REGISTRATI and insert your details. If you have an Italian SIM card you can register by receiving an SMS, if you have a foreign SIM you will need to use a credit card, from which €0.10 will be charged to verify the card. No card details will be saved. You’ll then receive an access code.

Use your access code to log in – you now have two hours of free Wi-Fi!


Credit card registration for those with a non-Italian SIM card.

You’ll be asked to authroize a charge of €0,10 to verify your credit card. No card details will be saved.

Once the card has been verified you’ll be sent your access codes.


Search for the Wi-Fi network BBBELL-CHEESE19 on your device. You’ll be taken to a log-in page.

Insert your access code and log in – you now have two hours of free Wi-Fi!

Access codes are valid for two years and can be used at over 200 Wi-Fi hotspots throughout Piedmont and Liguria operated by BBBell.

For information about BBBell go to our website or come and talk to us at our stand in Piazza XX Settembre, where local gastronomic specialties and free charging stations for your devices can both be found!

Event information

Ticket Office

The deadline for online booking is 12 p.m. on September 19, 2019.

Exhibitor Relations

The deadline for applications is July 20.

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